About me

I've always liked computers. Whether it was fussing over exactly which WinAmp skin to pair with my desktop background or managing BBForums for my RuneScape clan while hanging out in the #runescape IRC channel for tip.it, I was "extremely online" even as an adolescent.

I've written a lot of weirdly specific applications over the years:

  • Testing cable effectiveness when plugged into an oscilloscope.

  • Creating thermal printer libraries in Tcl.

  • Photobooth applications for hardware that was mounted to a shopping cart, for capturing nutrition labels on food.

  • A mesh network for peer-to-peer communication between containers on cargo ships.

These days, I'm a bit more focused on web development. I'm a Staff Engineer and Tech Lead at Stripe working on Connect. Outside of work, I like to write about Home Automation and obsess a bit over Apple products.

When I'm not building things, I like cooking, watching TV, and spending time with my wife and cat. I also listen to a lot of podcasts.

You can find all of my half-finished projects on GitHub. I'm also on Mastodon, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If you just want to reach me directly, you can send an email to drew@unremarkable.dev.

This Site

This site is built using Eleventy, a static site generator. You can find the source on GitHub.

The inspiration for the theme, sitemap, and format of this site came from a bunch of different people with their own personal websites:

  • localghost.dev's "minimal" theme hit really close to the format I wanted to use on my own site. (Though I hope it doesn't feel too ripped from that.)

  • Robb Knight's personal site gave me a lot of inspiration on using APIs to generate content for some of the pages that I wanted to build.

  • I liked the layout for posts and reading time that I found on codevoid's site.

  • Code snippets in posts use Sarah Drasner's Night Owl light theme, which was made by forking the PrismJS version.

And so many more people that I'm probably forgetting.